Prof. TSUI Lap Chee

President of The Academy of Sciences of Hong Kong

Prof. Tsui is currently Founding President of the Academy of Sciences of Hong Kong, President of the Victor and William Fung Foundation, Director of Zhejiang University's Qiushi Academy for Advanced Studies, and University of Toronto's Emeritus University Professor. He is the immediate-past Vice Chancellor of The University of Hong Kong, prior to which, he was Geneticist-in-Chief at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto and University Professor at University of Toronto, Canada.

The Role of The Academy of Sciences of Hong Kong

The Academy of Sciences of Hong Kong is a non-profit organisation established to recognise and honour the region's distinguished scholars in science and technology community, and, those who have contributed significantly to the advancement of science and technology in Hong Kong. In addition to connecting Hong Kong with the world community of science academies, the Academy is committed to advancing the development of science and technology in Hong Kong, promoting the education of science and technology in Hong Kong, informing the public on issues pertaining to science and technology and fostering Hong Kong as a center of scientific excellence. The Academy hosts conferences to promote knowledge exchange between the industry and academe, particularly the translation of scientific discoveries to applications and to increase the awareness of local needs and challenges among the scientists. It also conducts independent studies to inform and advise the public as well as the Government on policy issues related to science and technology.