Prof. David GANN CBE

Vice-President (Innovation), Imperial College London

Prof. Gann is a university and business leader, strategist and advocate with extensive international experience in strategy, innovation and technology management and systems engineering, particularly on infrastructure for the digital economy. He is Imperial's Vice-President (Innovation), member of the College's Executive Board, Chairman of the Smart London Board, reporting to the Mayor of London and non-executive director at the world's largest producer of pristine grapheme, Directa Plus plc.

Technological Innovation in a Smarter Future

This presentation focuses on the ways in which 'smart technologies' are transforming research, learning and innovation, particularly in Higher Education. Opportunities to improve performance are increasing with the advent of a suite of new digital tools. These 'Innovation Technologies' are built upon massive computing power and storage, access to new and vast amounts of data, and developments in machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. They allow the simulation, modelling and visualisation of problems to gain new insights. The presentation will provide an overview of how this is unlocking opportunities for new types of exploration, inspiring the development of multidisciplinary endeavour in areas such as Data Science and Synthetic Biology. It will provide examples of how complex social, economic and environmental challenges can be addressed using these technologies. It concludes by posing questions about productivity, performance and creativity in universities.