General Manager, Barcelona Metropolitan Area, Spain

Mr. Torra is an architect and is currently the AMB General Manager, an authority responsible for drafting and managing the metropolitan urban planning, waste management, water cycle, public transport, and mobility. He is also the CEO of Impsol, a body responsible for promoting land and housing policies.

Enhancing Living Environment in a Smart City

Nowadays, due to the urban growth and climate change, cities all around the world have to face new challenges regarding the management of urban services and their efficiency. Infrastructures and management processes not only have to play the functional maintenance and supply roles but must also seek new environmental and economic requirements, as well as social, security and even cultural demands. Cities, as a stage for human life, have been designed from the beginning with a logic that adapts and transforms during the time. Today, in the new digital era, in the 4th industrial revolution of knowledge and immediacy, we need to guarantee that this digital evolution benefits all citizens' quality of life.

The Metropolis Barcelona is an innovative city as well as a reference as a European Smart city, due to the public and private sector's and the civil society's commitment with the new digital era. It is a city lab, which integrates new technologies in urban equipment as well as in new systems and software, which compose platforms to manage services. These platforms benefit from the open data, so as to improve the metropolitan service management, to carry out decision making through the real-time analysis of new knowledge, and to enhance the engagement of citizens from all their 36 municipalities.

It is, therefore, a territory with a Mediterranean climate that concentrates several characteristics which make it ideal to live with a good quality of life. A healthy city that integrates very biologically diverse environments, while also being inclusive and accessible. A city focused on improving the air quality, the prevention of illness, the promotion of healthy lifestyle to reach a more efficient, and sustainable metropolis.

A city where "smart future" is about people living better.