ce Mrs. Carrie LAM Chief Executive, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
ce Mr. Willy LIN Chairman of Hong Kong Productivity Council




The future is "smart". Around the world, the concept of "smart" has permeated every walk of life, every aspect of people's work and every facet of our interaction with others. Worldwide, new industrial and domestic trends are emerging: smart technology, smart living, smart applications and other iterations of the concept of "smart".

This conference will provide interdisciplinary communication and an exchange of ideas which will catalyse all participants to act together to shape our smart future. The conference will feature:

  • Over 15 thought leaders from four continents who will share their insights on what a smart future might look like
  • Hundreds of entrepreneurs, innovators and decision makers who will inspire a call to action
  • Networking opportunities with industry notables that will share intelligence and create synergies
  • A showcase of the latest innovations and solutions


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