CLP - Semi-Quick Chargers Power Surge of Electric Vehicles

Video of HKPC x CLP - Semi-Quick Chargers Power Surge of Electric Vehicles (Chinese only)

中華電力 - 中速充電站 促進電動車普及

Electric vehicles (EVs) and chargers are inseparable. The wider adoption and development of EVs can only be achieved with sufficient amount of high efficiency charging facilities in place. Sharing a common vision to increase the efficiency of charging systems, CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (hereafter “CLP”) teamed up with the Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) to develop a semi-quick charging system - a big step towards the mass adoption of EVs.

2009 saw a new generation of EVs make their marks in Hong Kong. In support of the Government’s move to promote the adoption of EVs, CLP is committed to developing a charging system that is apt for Hong Kong. Paul Poon, former Managing Director of CLP, said that the company learned that HKPC was studying the development of EVs in Hong Kong. It triggered their exchange in technical expertise, which bore fruit with the collaboration on the development of a semi-quick charging system in 2010.


With more EVs on the road in recent years, CLP and HKPC have leveraged their successful experience for the development of the next-generation semi-quick charging system. The latest system will feature various new functions, including remote monitoring and control to monitor the usage of charging stations, the amount of electricity consumed per charge, and the utilization status of the charging facilities, etc. With more data and information of the charging stations on hand, it can provide EV drivers with more timely support and information in need.